Freudenstadt, which lay about 90 miles south of Heidelberg and 150 miles south of Mainz and the girls, was the next major stop on the SITA itinerary. It did not belie its name; it was a beautiful little town in the center of a resort area that abutted on the Black Forest, mercifully free, it seemed, of gauleiters and demigods and so a welcome relief from the Bacharach ordeal. The only person we told about our Bacharach adventure was Hilda, who by now was our trusted confidant, and we hers. At the outset, she had been disgusted at our seeming political insensitivity and ready acceptance of the Nazi regime, our Sieg Heiling all over the place and the like until we told her about our briefing in London. After that she never missed a chance to describe the horrors that had befallen Germany, the wreckage of the universities, the carnage among German intellectuals, the assault on the Jews and any other minorities not measuring up to the Aryan image.